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So I realized the other day that I have yet to write one of the most IMPORTANT blogs out there!  So here it is:)
In case you haven’t realized it yet, the most important man in my life is my dad!!  Rich Kash (yeah pretty freaking awesome name-right)!  Actually his full name is Richard Mason Kash, Jr. A great attorney name and good thing because he’s an attorney.  And here is one of my favorite pictures of him.  Yeah my dad is pretty awesome:)
So this blog is all about my great daddy!  He has had a HUGE impact on my life, and I’ve never said why I love and appreciate him so much so that’s what I’m planning on doing.  So sit back and enjoy reading a little about Richy Rich!
My dad was born some time ago (and no I won’t tell you when), but amazingly enough he still has a FULL head of hair although it’s all white.  But according to dad that means he’s wise!  So yeah we’ll roll with it:)  I was going to tell you some facts about my amazing father, but I decided I’m just gonna stick to what I like most  about him.  So here’s all the reasons I like him!  Oh and here’s a quick disclaimer, some of this information might be wrong.  I’ve been realizing recently that what I grew up thinking I knew is slightly off!  So what I write might be completely wrong, but it’s what I grew up with so yeah-just roll with it:)
1.  My dad has crazy, awesome skills when he picked out a wife.  Actually thank the Lord my mom was just so crazy hot he couldn’t resist her.  So here’s the story.  My aunt showed my dad 2 pictures of single women (1 being my mom and 1 being another lady) and fortunately dad picked my mom.  Now he’ll probably deny this, but do NOT believe him!  This is the real story:)  And I’m pretty sure this is ligit!  And here’s the happy couple!
2.  He has the cutest little grin-just look at the picture above:)
3.  Growing up my dad food dyed all sorts of food.  Mash potatoes, pancakes, waffles, and tons of other stuff!  It was awesome, although whenever we made colored pancakes we always had to make mom regular ones.  She said it changed the flavor-she’s crazy:)
4.  My dad always came up with stories about where food came from.  Such as french fries.  The story would go something like this.  There was a french man whose last name was Fries.  And blah, blah, blah.  Everything had a story like this.  I clearly remember sitting around the dining room table listening to my dad tell these stories.  I also remember truly believing every word he said.  And to this day, I still believe it;)
5.  My father rarely missed any of my sporting events growing up.  It didn’t matter if he had tons of case work and had been at work all day, my dad was always there.  I could always look in the stands and see him.  Although most of the time I acted like I hated it, I really loved it!
6.  My dad was my softball coach my entire life.  This definitely had its pros and cons, but I’m so blessed to have had him there with me.  Oh the softball memories.  I can still see my dad showing us how to slide.  I never thought in a million years he’d actually do it, but he ran and slid into second base.  I was so impressed!
7.  After any sporting event my dad loves to debrief it for the next hour.  He can recall, with accurate detail, nearly every play.  What he doesn’t realize is that everyone cannot and does not want to do that:)  Hint hint dad.  Thank goodness for Nathan and his love and passion for sports.  They can dissect a game for hours!
8.  His nose.  Ok so that’s a lie.  I do NOT love his nose because I have the same exact nose!  It’s huge!  So yeah thanks a whole lot for that dad:(
9.  His favorite movie is “The Christmas Story”!  And if you ever get the chance you should watch it with him.  He does this AWESOME reenactment of the Chinese men in the Chinese restaurant for the Christmas dinner.  My dad has quite the asian accent-fra, ra, ra, ra, ra…..:)
10.  My dad also LOVES “West Side Story”.  He remembers watching it in the theater-I’m so jealous!  I wish I could have seen in on the big screen.  And I’m pretty sure the reason my father loves it so much is because he wishes he was one of the Jets.  Can’t you see it now-Rich Kash wearing some rolled up jeans, with a tight shirt, singing and dancing around:)  Oh yeah-awesome!
11.  I love the way my dad gets laughing so hard that he starts weezing!  Oh my gosh-HILARIOUS!  His face gets all red, his eyes start crying, and then the weezing starts:)  The first time I noticed it was on a mission trip to Arizona.  Oh the memories!
12.  He thinks he is the funniest man alive.  Ok I hate to say this, but it’s basically true.  Even when I roll my eyes because of the ridiculous things my dad says, I’m still uncontrollably laughing inside.  He his really funny!!  So there you go Dad, the cat’s out of the bag-I think you’re funny:)
13.  He has the greatest nickname-Lance Romance!  I have no idea where that came from so you’ll have to ask him.
14.  My dad wants me to never cut my hair and always leave it curly.  This probably has something to do with the fact that he has has the SAME hair style for the past 30+ years!  He’s ridiculous:)
15.  I clearly remember they day Kendall went to to kindergarten.  I was so upset because I had no one to watch “My Little Ponies” with, so my dad stayed and watched it with me.  I don’t know too many fathers who would delay going to work by 1/2 an hour to watch “My Little Ponies”.  He is truly an amazing man!
16.  I’m his baby girl!  And he would do anything for me!  And when I say anything, I mean anything.  Actually he would do ANYTHING for any of his kids.  I can’t say that about too many fathers these days.
17.  My father is a true example of a Godly man.  He knows he has his faults and he still works through them.  This is one of his greatest qualities!
18.  My dad has a true passion for the Lord, and I can clearly see that in him.
19.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that my dad would kill any boy that breaks my heart!  So no man better ever break my heart!!
20.  One last funny thing about him.  For as far back as I can remember, we have always made German chocolate cake for his birthday.  I always figured it was his favorite because he made it every year.  Well come to find out, just recently, my dad doesn’t really even like it.  He’s just been eating it ever year.  And I’m not kidding-I can’t even think of a time we didn’t have that:)  But that’s my dad.  Even though it’s HIS birthday he doesn’t make a fuss and just eats it!  LOL  He’s so funny!
So there are some reasons why I love my dad.  This list is DEFINITELY not all of them, but just some that came to my head as I wrote.  Bascially my dad is a superstar!  I love him dearly and I never say that enough.  I’ve been told that I have way too high expectations for guys to date.  And the reason why is because I’m waiting for one that’s just as great as my dad!  I’ll consider myself lucky if I get a guy half as good!  I know that’s cheesy, but it’s completely true!  So I want to end with,