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Hello Blog Readers!!
I am well aware that it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged anything.  Sorry!  But I just haven’t really felt like blogging a whole lot-yes I know LAME excuse!  I’ve been really convicted recently about it though so I’m gonna try to at least blog 4 times a week.  Hopefully that will work out.  But you might have to keep me accountable.  So to start things up again, I’m just gonna do a fun blog:)  Hope you enjoy!
I’ve come from a family of playing games.  Whether it’s Phase 10, Sorry, Gestures, Apples to Apples or the Wii, my family loves to pile around and start playing.  It usually ends with all of us extremely upset at one another because of our EXTREMELY competitive nature, but nonetheless we love games!  Since I’ve been a part of ComLife I’ve come across some pretty AWESOME games, which I’m going to share with you.  So if you’re in need of some laughter and fun at your next shin-dig, feel free to play one of these games:)  Trust me, you’ll have a blast!
Ok the first game is called MURDER IN THE DARK!
Murder in the dark is similar to Mafia the card game.  But this way is a MILLION times more fun!!!  So to play this game you need three things: (1) COMPLETE darkness, (2) a deck of cards, and (3) a marked off place to play-could be a back yard, several rooms in a house, an entire house, whatever.  So you’ll need as many cards from the deck for as many players that are playing and you need to make sure one card is a jack.  For example, if there’s 8 people playing you’ll need 8 cards with one being a jack.  You will then pass out the cards to all the players.  Whoever gets the jack is the killer.  That person wants to remain anonymous!!!  Everyone else are the townspeople that might be murdered by the killer. 
 So once everyone has their cards, you turn off the lights and start walking around.  Everyone wants to stay away from everyone else because they don’t know who the killer is and you don’t want to be killed.  Everyone also needs to remain SILENT!!  Talking will ruin the game.  So everyone is walking around trying to stay away from each other, and the killer is on the loose:)  The killer’s job is to be killing people and try not to get caught.  So once the lights go out and everyone is walking around, the killer will walk around until he/she finds someone they want to kill.  When they find that person, they hold onto the person’s elbow/arm for 5 seconds or so.  The person who was then “killed” has to wait 10 seconds until they fall down dead claiming “I’ve been murdered!!”  This 10 seconds gives the killer time to get away. 
The townspeople will then turn on the lights and they need to try and decide who the killer is.  This is how it’s like Mafia.  After the majority of the townspeople feel like they know who the killer is they choose that person to kill.  So that person “dies”!  If this person is the killer, then the townspeople win and the game ends.  BUT if this person is not the killer and just an innocent townsperson then the game continues.  The lights are shut off, everyone starts walking around again, and the killer kills someone else.  You keep doing this over and over again until (1) the townspeople kill the killer or (2) the killer has killed off the entire town!!
I know the game doesn’t sound like fun, but it really is.  Just try it once and you’ll love it!!!
The second game is called PICTIONARY TELEPHONE!
Regular pictionary and telephone are my two LEAST favorite games, but when they’re mixed together it’s absolutely hilarious!  This is a sit down, less interactive game.  It’s kind of confusing to explain, but I’ll do my best.  For explaining sake, I’m going to say there are 5 people playing this game.  So everyone is sitting in a circle, and each player needs 5 pieces of paper.  (If there were 10 people playing then everyone would need 10 pieces of paper, 13 players then everyone would need 13 pieces of paper, and so on)  The pieces of paper don’t need to be that big-the size of your hand or so would work.  So you could tear a normal piece of paper into 4-8 pieces.  And everyone needs a writing utensil.  Ok so the 5 players have their 5 pieces of paper in a stack.  Everyone writes whatever phrase they want on the first piece of paper.  The phrase can be anything from a saying to song lyrics to a basketball team-whatever you want it to be. 
So everyone has their phrase written down.  Then everyone passes their WHOLE stack of papers (in this case, ALL 5 papers) to the person on their left.  So the person to your left has the stack of papers that has your phrase on it and you now have 5 papers with someone else’s phrase on it.  (Hopefully that made sense:))  Now you have to draw on the next paper whatever the phrase is.  So say I get a stack of papers and the top one says “The Ugly Duckling”.  I put the paper that SAYS the ugly duckling on the bottom of the stack of papers and then I have to somehow draw the ugly duckling.  So the new top piece of paper is a picture. 
So now everyone’s top piece of paper is their drawing.  Once again everyone passes the WHOLE stack of papers to the left.  So what you’ll see is a picture.  You then have to write WORDS that you think the picture is representing.  For example, I get a picture of a really pretty girl and an ugly animal looking thing.  So I would put the piece of paper with the drawing on the bottom of the stack of papers and then I would write on the new top card “Beauty and the Beast”.  More often than not, you’re going to have to just guess what you think the picture is, but that’s what makes it so great!
Ok so everyone now has words on their top card of what they think the picture was.  Once again you pass and you then draw a picture of what the words are.  And it keeps going back and forth like that-writing words on what you think the picture is and then drawing a picture based on the words.  You keep doing this and passing until the all the pieces of paper have something on them.  Each person should end up with the stack of papers that they started.  So you can look through you stack of pieces of paper and see how your phrase has morphed into something else completely.  It’s so funny.  The last time I played someone started with “I love hunting” and it turned into “A grandma who loves to kill cats!”  Looking through this digression was so hilarious!  It would probably be tons funnier if you there.  But you can have your own fun when playing the game.
Here’s just a few more rules:
You can NOT write any words or numbers when drawing pictures!
You can NOT look back at previous pieces of papers to look at different pictures or words.
      You have to work with the ONE piece of paper in front of you-it makes the game!
Um…yeah I think that’s it.  I hope that was as clear as mud for you:)  If you are interested I could probably give better directions over the phone or I’m sure my fellow ComLifers would love to comment their inputs on here so that might help!
So there’s 2 games I have learned thus far!  They have been so much fun for me, and I hope they bring tons of entertainment for you!  If they don’t, (1) you’re probably playing the game wrong because whoever gave you the directions was an idiot or (2) you’re a party pooper-it’ll probably be reason number 2!  Well thanks for reading.  I’ll be posting another, more serious blog soon.  Much love and have an AWESOME day!!!-Kelsey Kash

4 responses to “I’m BAAAAAAAACK!!”

  1. Okay, I have found out your dad is the #2 person. He asked what I was laughing at while reading your blog and I started reading to him what you wrote and he picked up a newsletter and started to read it…thus BORING !!! So when we come in a month, make sure we bore him to death with one of these games. 🙂
    Love you and we’ll be seeing you soon.

  2. OK now I love pictionary telephone but haven’t played mafia in the dark. though i love mafia. So…. next time I’m in!

  3. FOUR blogs a WEEK??!?!
    you amaze me….but i think you’re a little behind already. 🙂

  4. so, idk if you know this but .. you’re a little behind with all your blogging stuff, you know? since you don’t ever answer my texts or phone calls, you could at least write on this thing so i know somewhat about what’s going on in your life .. thanks.

    p.s. i love you =) lol