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Who is Kelsey?

My name is Kelsey Immanuel Kash. I grew up in a small town (roughly 3800) in Illinois. Although I did grow up around cornfields and cows, I know nothing about farming nor have I ever gone cow tipping (but I really want to do this before I die:)-any takers?).
 Here’s my extremely LARGE family, minus one brother.
From Left to Right: Katie, me, Josef, Nathan, Dad, Kristy,
Gabe-look at his face:), Mom, Kendall, Miriam, and Elizabeth.
I’m am 1 of 10 children in my family-I’m number 4. My six younger siblings were all adopted from Ethiopia. My family is pretty rockin’! My parents are amazing people (I mean they do have TEN kids after all)! My 3 older sisters and I LOVE being loud and embarrassing our mom whenever we go out in public:)-especially Kendall (a sister 2 years older than me) and me! Thanks to my oldest sister, Katie, I was raised on Disney movies and could probably now reenact all the movies because I watched them so much! That’s enough on my family, otherwise I’d never stop!
 As for me, I have attended the AMAZING University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for 3 semesters. It’s the greatest school on the planet, although I might be slightly biased!
My passions in life include (in no particular order): music-any kind, I love it all; going to concerts-cause I love music; movies-I’m COMPLETELY obsessed and I love quoting them!; books-I just love reading, especially Ted Dekker; my family-more awesome than I’ll ever know; sports (mostly University of Illinois sports)-AMAZING that’s all I can say, even though most the time they blow it:(; missions-I’ve loved them ever since jr. high and can never get enough of them; friends-God has greatly blessed me with the most amazing friends ever, they love me and accept me through my countless flaws; and of course God-I can’t even begin to put this in words!
This is my best friend.  And this is usually how we are, EXTREMELY WEIRD!  But oh the memories that we have.  Everyone needs a friend like her! 
 This group is some of my FAVORITE people ever.  Starting on the left:  Allie, Meredith, Noah, Nicole, me, and Nathan!  In this picture we’re actually at a church camp where we’re the jr. faculty-some of the best times in my life!
 As of right now, I have no idea what I want to do with my life or rather God has yet to show me what he wants me to do with the life he has given me!  I know that God is going to use me in ways that I can’t even begin to imagine this next year.  I have no doubt in my mind that in one year I’ll be a completely different person through Christ.  This is the most exciting time of my life!  Well that’s pretty much Kelsey in a nutshell:)  If you have any questions or want to know more, I’d be more than happy to talk to you.
Learning to die daily for Him,
Kelsey Kash
P.S. I have SO many pictures of my family and friends that it was extremely hard to decide which ones to put on here.  But don’t worry, I plan on putting MANY of the most humerous pictures in future posts!  Make sure to sign up for update alerts so you don’t miss out;)

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  1. great blog Kelsey! It’s great to see pics of you and your family and friends, they’re obviously an important part of your life!

    Keep working hard on the support raising stuff and have a great Christmas!

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